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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

Academic Affairs


To establish criteria for awarding a second, or subsequent, baccalaureate degree.


Awarding of a second, or subsequent, baccalaureate degree is subject to the following limitations and requirements:

  1. Courses used towards a prior degree will not be used to satisfy second baccalaureate degree requirements; however, departments may waive certain requirements based on a prior degree as appropriate.
  2. Courses taken more than 1 O years prior will not count toward any degree requirement, including prerequisites, for a second baccalaureate degree; however, departments may establish and post a different course age threshold, as appropriate.
  3. Students holding a baccalaureate degree from an acceptable institutional accreditor are considered to have completed general education program requirements.
  4. Student Status: Students must be classified as degree-seeking, post­baccalaureate.
  5. Students must have a program of study (degree pathway) established by their advisor or program director.
  6. Upper-Level Hours: Students must complete 30 credit hours of upper-level coursework (or higher) in-residence at UNF. Certain programs may allow and post a different number of in-residence credits, as appropriate.
  7. Major Courses: Students must complete at least 50% of required major courses in-residence at UNF. Departments may decide on a higher percentage of major courses and may define "major courses."
  8. Apply for graduation by the deadline indicated in the Academic Calendar.
  9. Faculty Recommendation: Each candidate must be recommended for the degree by the appropriate college faculty.
  10. Resolve all incomplete and non-reported grades.
  11. 11. Academic Average:
    1. UNF- A minimum total institutional GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale must be earned (2.5 for most College of Education and Human Services majors), as stated in the "Academic Average (GPA) Policy' and
    2. A minimum overall GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale must be earned, (2.5 for most College of Education and Human Services majors), as stated in the "Academic Average (GPA) Policy."
  12. Students earning a second, or additional, baccalaureate degree may qualify for Latin Honors Distinction.

All requirements stated in this section are minimums not intended to limit the planning of a degree program for any student.

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