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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

Academic Affairs - Enrollment Services


To establish criteria for awarding the first baccalaureate degree.


Graduation from UNF is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the following minimum requirements:

  1. Apply for graduation by the deadline indicated in the Academic Calendar.
  2. Faculty Recommendation: Each candidate must be recommended for the degree by the appropriate college faculty.
  3. Total Hours: A minimum of 120 credit hours must be completed for the baccalaureate degree.
  4. Course Requirement: Each candidate must successfully complete all degree requirements outlined in the University catalog and program of study.
  5. Upper-Level Hours: A minimum of 48 upper-level credit hours or higher (30 for RN-BSN) must be completed. Upper-level courses are those designated as junior- or senior-level work by the issuing institution.
  6. Residence Hours: Students must complete a minimum of 25 percent of the overall required credit hours and half of the required major courses at UNF for the degree sought at UNF. The appropriate department may decide on a higher percentage of credit hours and/or a higher percentage of major courses completed at UNF and may define 'major courses'.
  7. All incomplete and non-reported grades must be resolved to graduate.
  8. Upper division undergraduate credit hours obtained while enrolled in an approved UNF study abroad program will be counted in the upper-level credit hours required to obtain a baccalaureate degree provided the instruction is offered by approved UNF faculty.
  9.  Summer Enrollment: Pursuant to the Florida Board of Governors regulation 6.016 Summer Session Enrollment, all students entering a university in the State University System with fewer than 60 semester hours shall be required to earn at least nine semester credit hours in one or more summer sessions at one of the state universities in Florida before graduation. The University president or their designee may waive the application of this regulation in cases of unusual hardship to the individual.
  10.  Academic Average:
    1. UNF- A minimum total institutional GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale must be earned (certain majors in the College of Education and Human Services have different GPA requirements- see catalog for details), as stated in the "Academic Average (GPA) Policy': and
    2.  A minimum overall GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale must be earned, (certain majors in the College of Education and Human Services have different GPA requirements- see catalog for details), as stated in the "Academic Average (GPA) Policy."
  11. General Education Program: The appropriate general education program requirements must be completed.
  12. Financial Obligations: Outstanding financial obligations to the University may prevent the release of diplomas and transcripts.
  13. Foreign Language Requirement: Students must meet the provision of Florida Statute 1007 .262 regarding the statewide foreign language requirement. Students must have completed two sequential foreign language courses in high school or at the postsecondary level (8 semester hours). American Sign Language I and II is an approved sequence per Florida Statute 1007.2615.
  14. Satisfy State of Florida civics literacy requirement. Note: This requirement pertains to students initially entering a Florida College System institution or the state university system in 2018-2019 and thereafter. Coursework for an associate in arts degree shall include demonstration of competency in civics literacy pursuant to s. 1007 .25.

All requirements stated in this section are minimums and are not meant to limit the planning of a degree program for any student.

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