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Student Life and Services

 Student Life and Services Fee Allocation Committee - Fee Information 2020-2021. Collage of students

Student Life and Services Definition

Student Life and Services Fee funding is devoted to building and expanding initiatives that enrich student life at the University of North Florida. The goal of the fee is to provide funding for a vibrant, engaging campus environment where students establish an affinity with the University and persist to graduate.


SLS funds extracurricular and co-curricular programs, events, and activities, with a focus on entertainment, campus-wide impact, social engagement and exceptional/extraordinary experiences. Examples of programs that fulfill the mission of SLS include Welcome Weeks and predictable recurring events of various sizes, such as campus movie nights and concerts. The fee is not intended to fund educational or mission-focused programs, or programs with targeted populations.


The Student Life & Services Fee is intended to expand student participation in transformational learning opportunities, to build new and enhance existing campus activities that connect students to UNF, and to fund needed personnel in the area of student life and support services. The fee also includes funding to offset the costs for students with financial need.


Research shows that increasing these kinds of opportunities for students helps to improve student engagement, which in turn, leads to increased retention and graduation rates.


This fee was actually created by our student leadership, who worked closely with Student Affairs and the Office of the President to have this fee on our campus.

General Guidelines

  • Campus-wide impact
  • Fills a strategic need (e.g. weekend events)
  • Strong student support
  • Unique or special
  • Potential for tradition
  • Initial event form approved by OLP
  • Vision of marketing plan
  • Financial process and tracking logs
  • Final Event Form submitted to OLP
  • Keep in touch throughout

Appropriate Uses of SLS Funds

  • Food
  • T-shirts/clothing items
  • Advertisement such as flyers, printing and related costs
  • Guest speakers, artists, Entertainment
  • Equipment rental, production, blow-ups
  • Logo items/supplies such as mugs, pens, bags, folders
  • Essential project materials and supplies

Non-appropriate Uses of SLS Funds

  • Alcohol
  • Academic credit
  • Admission fees charged to students
  • Entertainment that is not open to the whole student body
  • Monetary prizes, gift cards over $25
  • Purchasing items that will be resold

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