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Osprey Life and Productions

Osprey Life & Productions Weeks of Welcome


Osprey Life & Productions is best known for hosting the best welcome-back weeks each semester for all students. In the Summer during Summer B our welcome back week is called Summer B Kickoff. The biggest welcome back week we host is during the Fall semester and this one is called Week of Welcome better known as WOW. The last but certainly not least week we host each year is during the Spring called Spring Week of Welcome better known as Spring WOW. 

Each of these weeks is at the start of the semester. Our department ensures that we host events for all students to enjoy doing things such as activities, games, music, and of course food. All of our events are open to all current students and you are always allowed to bring a guest with you. Just be sure to bring your Osprey 1card to enjoy. 


Week Of Welcome is UNF’s official Fall welcome to the University of North Florida. Week of Welcome features a series of events and programs for new and returning Ospreys spanning the first week of Fall classes: August 19-27, 2022. Featuring events like the Welcome to the Nest, Flight School, Block Party, and much more. Week of Welcome will help you connect with friends, explore the campus, and learn more about UNF’s services and amenities. Week of Welcome is open to all new and returning students, so remember to bring your Osprey 1Card to all events!

This year's event will be a combination of traditional and virtual events following the appropriate guidelines UNF has established due to the coronavirus situation. 

Sponsored by Osprey Life & Productions