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The Osprey Perch
The Green
The Green2

The Osprey Perch


The Boathouse

The Boathouse has a special place in the hearts of many Ospreys, even though it has been through several incarnations. When it first opened in 1973, it was a food service facility meant to supplement the vending machines on campus. In its first decade, it was more like a student union — serving as a place for socialization, meetings, happy hours and a chance to just hang out with friends. The lakeside snack bar offered a menu of pizza, sandwiches and beverages. At first, students, faculty and staff sat at picnic tables outside the Boathouse but a growing student body forced the addition of a deck in 1974. Soon, concerts, poetry readings and drama productions were regular occurrences. In 1978, a fire claimed the original Boathouse and a new one was built on the same location. New and improved, the new Boathouse was larger, had a sloping roof, a deck over the lake and continued to serve UNF as a food and entertainment venue. In 1994, it was renovated again and in 2002, it was converted to Wackadoo’s Grub and Brew, a casual dining full-service restaurant with video games, pool table and a large projection screen. Booths were added for more comfortable seating. In 2007, it was upgraded again and given a new name — the UNF Boathouse Grille. That Boathouse closed its doors permanently in 2008 to make way for the current Boathouse, which is housed in the new Student Union. That Boathouse opened in 2009 and features a full-service restaurant and bar, ample seating for UNF’s alums, students, faculty and staff and provides gorgeous views of our beautiful, natural campus. It is so spacious and comfortable, that several professors hold their office hours there. If you have not been the Boathouse lately, you have not been to the Boathouse.

Diversity on the Green

The Green

The Green is the central lawn in front of the Fine Arts Center where students gather before, between or after classes to relax, play and host events like the annual “Garbage on the Green,” an annual aimed at educating the University community about ways to reduce campus trash through recycling, litter-prevention practices and sustainability issues. In previous years, it has been where graduations have taken place, cable news giant CNN has hosted several of its shows and many concerts have been hosted. It is THE place to go on campus and just hang out.

Date Night with Tommy G.

The student shorthand for studying all night in the Thomas G. Carpenter Library started popping up in conversation (and on t-shirts and Facebook) a few years ago on campus. At first, faculty and staff were confused by the term and assumed it was, literally, a date with someone named Tommy G. Finally, some student took pity on the clueless and connected the dots. Now, it is quite common to hear the library referred to as Tommy G.’s and most everyone understands what it means to have a date night there.

third thursday

Alumni Third Thursdays

Started in 2004, Alumni Third Thursdays is a monthly gathering of alumni for networking and reminiscing. It was begun as a way to bring area alumni together and form a tighter knit community. It has grown over the years and now the Alumni Services-hosted events have upwards of 75 alumni in attendance. Many new graduates mark their first Third Thursday as a major milestone in their UNF lifetime — the date they truly transition from student to alum.