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On Campus Transition Program

Student Resources

For information on scholarships
(888) 707-2465  
For questions about accessing Florida MedWaiver Services
(904) 992-2440 for District 4 or toll free (866) APD-CARES or (866) 273-2273 
For advocacy assistance/information in accessing education, employment, housing, transportation, medical, spiritual, social, and recreational resources/opportunities
(904) 358-1200 
For postsecondary transition programs within the state of Florida 
For more information on scholarships and the Florida Education System 
To apply for state vocational rehabilitation services
(904) 213-3040 
For questions about McKay Scholarship Eligibility/Application
(800) 447-1636  
For questions about Social Security Supplemental Income/Disability Income
(904) 399-8484 
To apply for door-to-door para-transit public transportation
(904) 265-6001 
For information on secondary transition resources for young adults with disabilities within the state of Florida
(727) 873-4661 
For college preparedness and other resources on postsecondary transition programs