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On Campus Transition Program

AmeriCorps Youth Transition Program

Did you know that you can serve as an AmeriCorps Member at UNF? 

UNF student, alumni, and current OCT students have served as members of The Arc Jacksonville’s AmeriCorps Youth Transition (AYT) project for the past two years. The AYT is made up of a dynamic mix of talented leaders dedicated to making a difference in the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities and identified “disadvantaged” populations in Jacksonville. 

UNF students and alumni creatively use their majors (i.e., engineering, nutrition, psychology, social work, business, nonprofit management, music, nursing, etc.) and various talents to provide innovative services to the OCT and other locations of The Arc Jacksonville in the following areas:

  • UNF mentor recruitment and volunteer services
  • Financial literacy mentoring with budgeting and finance training
  • Academic advising and remedial tutoring
  • Work readiness mentors and development/job recruitment and coaching
  • Wellness mentors with culinary skill enhancement as well as fitness training/guidance
  • Independent living mentoring

Members serve as role models, mentors, and advocates for persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. AmeriCorps receive a modest federal living stipend and educational award, which can be used to pay off current educational expenses or pay off past student loans. 

Being an AmeriCorps Member is not only a great way to gain hand-on experience in your area of study in a federal program, but it also provides you with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and achieve personal enrichment. 

Interested in the AmeriCorps Youth Transition Program?

If you're interested in serving as an AmeriCorps member for our upcoming term starting in the Fall semester, or if you would like some more information about the different types of positions available, benefits, and regulations of AmeriCorps service, please send a resume and cover letter to

  • Is AmeriCorps like Peace Corps?

    Yes. AmeriCorps is often referred to as "the domestic Peace Corps." Both agencies are committed to service, and both offer challenging and rewarding full-time opportunities. Peace Corps assignments are all overseas, and AmeriCorps members serve only in the US. While Peace Corps Volunteers serve for two years, a stint in AmeriCorps usually lasts 10 months to one year. AmeriCorps Youth Transition members serve one year terms. Each term starts on August 1 and ends July 31.

  • What do members do at OCT?

    Members in AmeriCorps Youth Transition provide numerous services to the On Campus Transition Program and other Arc Jacksonville sponsored programs that work with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities or differences. Members that primarily serve at OCT assist OCT students with developing independent living, academic, wellness and work readiness skills. Below is a full list of the various different types of members and what they do:

    Academic Advisors

    Academic Advisors assist OCT students on a daily bases with their coursework and ensure students are receiving the support needed to be successful in the classroom. They also mentor OCT students with academic related topics such as effective study habits. This position is for individuals who are able to provide supports to OCT students at the OCT office during the day.  

    Independent Living Mentors

    Independent Living Mentors work with OCT students in developing and improving skills that would assist an individual with successfully living independently (i.e. cooking, cleaning, how to use public transportation, etc). OCT has a residential component where OCT students live with a peer mentor at the District on Kernan Apartment Complex or in The Fountains dorms on UNF's campus. Independent Living mentors dedicate the majority of their time providing supports to these residential students. This position is not for individuals who lack patience and/or have obligations in the afternoon/evening.

    Work Readiness Mentors

    To be independent it is essential for an individual to be able to have a job and financially support themselves. Work Readiness mentors are dedicated to teaching OCT students skills that will assist them in finding, attaining, and retaining a job. Work Readiness mentors recruit campus departments to be internship sites for OCT students. If a student needs additional supports at the job, Work Readiness mentors will provide on the job training until that individual has developed the skills to effectively perform the duties of the position. 

    Wellness Mentor

    Wellness mentor is a role model for OCT students and is passionate and knowledgeable about proper nutrition and how to maintain a healthy life style. UNF has numerous resources to keep the Osprey community fit and healthy. The Wellness mentor ensures that students in the program are knowledgeable about these resources and helps OCT students take advantage of these resources. In addition to these on campus resources, the Wellness mentor will provide and present workshops to OCT students on other related topics such as how to handle stress or how to properly read food labels. 

    Mentor Recruiters/Coordinators

    Mentor Recruiters are not afraid to present in front of large groups of people. This position entails having strong communication and presentation skills and great understanding on the UNF campus community including campus clubs and organizations. The title speaks for itself. Mentor recruiters/coordinators recruit UNF students to dedicate at least an hour a week to being an academic, social, fitness, or lunch mentor to OCT students. Each UNF student who becomes a mentor goes through an extensive orientation that is conducted by mentor recruiters. 

    Financial Mentors

    Financial Mentors have basic knowledge in money management (personal or for others). Financial Mentors use hands-on experiences to assist students in learning how to manage their money in real-time, as well as to educate them on available government benefits to optimize their finances. This position is for creative individuals that can modify their teaching style according to student needs. 

  • How long is a term of service?

    Members with AmeriCorps Youth Transition are required to serve for a full year/52 weeks.

  • What AmeriCorps positions are currently available through all locations of The Arc Jacksonville, Inc.?

    To find the available AmeriCorps positions working with The Arc Jacksonville, Inc., please contact the AmeriCorps Program Director at

  • How does one successfully complete a “Term of Service”?

    Individuals who are accepted: full-Time (40 Hours a week) position must serve, 52 weeks, at minimum of 1700 Hours within their term of service in a full year. Half-time members (20 Hours a week) must serve, 52 weeks, at minimum 900 hours and also serve for a full year. Successfully completing a term of service also includes getting things done! Members are evaluated on quarterly bases and must meet satisfactory program and position requirements and standards.

  • Can I join AmeriCorps Youth Transition if I'm not a U.S. citizen?

    You must be a U.S. citizen, national, or legal permanent resident alien of the U.S. to be an AmeriCorps member.

  • Do I get paid?

    Members receive a modest bi-weekly living allowance. AmeriCorps members who complete a term of service also receive an AmeriCorps Educational Award.

  • What other benefits do members receive?

    In addition to receiving a bi-weekly living allowance, after successfully completing full year of service, members receive a Segal Educational Award of $5,920 for “Full-Time” Members and $2,960 for “Half-Time” members. This award can be used to pay for educational expenses at qualified educational institutions. UNF is a qualified educational institution. For more information about the Segal Educational Award please visit their webpage.

    All members during their term of service have the option to apply for student loan forbearance. Interest will continue to occur during your term of service but once the term of service has been successfully completed the National Service Trust will pay the interest that accumulated while you served. For more information about Student Loan Forbearance please visit their webpage.

    Full-Time members also qualify to receive health care coverage and child care support.

  • Will I receive training before starting the program?
    Absolutely, all members are required to go through an extensive, but fun, one week training prior to officially starting.