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On Campus Transition Program

Frequently Asked Questions for OCT Students

  • What will the OCT Program offer you?
    The OCT Program will provide an authentic college experience where students will learn to become more independent individuals. Students will receive academic enhancement through auditing courses of their choosing, receive weekly academic advising, obtain academic mentors, and receive remedial tutoring. In addition, students will receive training in daily life skills (money management, transportation training, cooking, etc.). Socioemotional development will be provided through training and workshops offered by the campus, social mentoring from UNF students, and friendship training from a behavioral analyst. Students will also experience “UNF Life”. They will have the opportunity to participate in campus wide events, student organizations, student clubs, and intramural sports. Employment services are provided to students, where students will obtain pre-employment training, job development services, job coaching, and have various work experiences through service learning opportunities, on campus internships, and job opportunities. It is optional for students to participate in the OCT Residential Program, where they receive first-hand experience in how to live independently. Most importantly, students will make memories and friends that will last a lifetime.
  • What kinds of classes can I take?

    Students are allowed to choose the classes they would like to audit. Whether you’re interested in creative writing, history, math, cooking, etc. we have a class for you as long as it is available.

    • Anthropology 
    • Art Appreciation
    • Art History I
    • Basketball
    • Beginning Library Info Systems
    • Beginning Swimming
    • Comparative Religion
    • Crime in America
    • Cultural Geography
    • Drawing I
    • Enjoyment of Music
    • Evolution of Jazz
    • Family Violence
    • Figure Drawing I
    • Foundations of Child Psychology
    • Foundations of Business
    • Intergroup Dialogue
    • Intro to American Govt.
    • Introduction to Asia
    • Introduction to Athletic Injuries
    • Introduction to Leadership
    • Introduction to Philosophy
    • Introduction to Psychology
    • Introduction to Sociology
    • North American Indians
    • Personal Training PE Sports
    • Physical Geography
    • Social  Psychology
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Symbols, myths and rituals
    • Tennis
    • The American Presidency  
    • Theatre Appreciation
    • Volleyball
  • How many classes can I take?
    Students are allowed to enroll in up to (2) classes per semester.
  • Academically, what resources are available to me?
    UNF, as well as the OCT Program offer free tutoring services. Mentors are available to help any student with homework, studying, etc.
  • What will I do in-between classes?
    In between classes, students will have scheduled activities. These activities include going to seminars and training, social mentoring, academic mentoring, tutoring, internships/paid jobs, service learning opportunities, on-campus recreational events, fitness, wellness mentoring, etc. In addition, there were opportunities for students to have free-time, so that they can explore the campus and make friendships with other college students.