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UNF students gain insights on internships and careers with Mercedes-Benz

Students looking into the hood of a yellow MercedesApproximately three dozen University of North Florida students lined up for Mercedes-Benz Day at UNF for an opportunity to learn about internship and career opportunities with one of Jacksonville’s most high-profile companies. 

For more than six years, Mercedes-Benz and UNF’s College of Computing, Engineering and Construction have partnered to give students the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience through internships in a variety of careers with the German luxury automotive company. 

When companies collaborate with academic institutions, the learning opportunities are endless. Students gain valuable practical experience from real-world, hands-on exposure and companies benefit from students prepared to enter high-skilled, evolving workforces. 

On April 10, Mercedes-Benz leaders started the day with a breakfast with engineering students from the College of Computing, Engineering and Construction Club. Later during Market Days, the company had several booths on display and staff — many of whom are UNF graduates — on hand to meet with interested students.  

Also, Mercedes-Benz displayed three luxury vehicles parked around the Student Union and provided students with lunch tickets to 904 Burger food truck parked adjacent to the booths.   

In the afternoon, an informational session gave students seeking more information about the company and the varied career opportunities, an in-depth look at Mercedes-Benz, a chance to ask questions and onsite internship interviews.  

During the event, Mercedes-Benz captured more than 200 resumes from students from various disciplines including engineering, business, computer science and others, and completed 10 on-site, in-person interviews with students.   

Addison Pressly HeadshotAddison Pressly, a UNF senior majoring in mechanical engineering, first learned about opportunities at Mercedes-Benz while attending Career Days at UNF.  

“I’ve gone to every career day offered by UNF,” said Pressly. “The one-on-one networking with representatives from local businesses is an excellent way to get your name out there.”  

Pressly worked with Mercedes-Benz on her Senior Design project last fall and started interning with the company this spring semester. She says what she’s learning on the job through her internship enhances what she learns in the classroom.  

“While the bulk of my work as an intern is utilizing what I’m learning in the classroom, there are other skills I’m learning that are just as important,” Pressly said. “Adaptability, learning to be a good communicator, organization skills, time management, being a team player and taking initiative, are just as important as the technical skills.”  

Igor Kurtisi, principle of Product Technical Support Engineering, Telematics, is one of Pressly’s supervisors at Mercedes-Benz. Having worked with Pressly during her Senior Design project last fall, Kurtisi said Pressly has easily evolved into her internship.   

“It’s been a smooth transition for Addison,” Kurtisi said. “She has applied the concepts, critical thinking skills and the technical skills she learned in the classroom to her work as an intern and has acquired new soft skills that are the foundation of a well-rounded employee.”   

Two students speaking with a Mercedes employee while looking at a red Mercedes

Pressly encourages other students to take advantage of networking, internships and career opportunities while at UNF. 

“I can’t stress enough how important it is to attend Career Days at UNF and establishing connections with local businesses,” Pressly said. “It gave me the advantage.”  

“Our collaboration with UNF has been instrumental in fostering innovation and bridging academia with industry,” Kurtisi said. “Together, we’re driving impactful research, nurturing talent and creating solutions that benefit both our company and the community.”