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UNF School of Engineering collaborates with Johnson & Johnson MedTech to expand advanced manufacturing

Engineering student working on a machineThe University of North Florida (UNF) is proud to announce a newly expanded collaboration with Johnson & Johnson MedTech to support the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering program at the University. Through the collaboration, Johnson & Johnson MedTech will support faculty and research in advanced manufacturing while providing graduate student stipends and undergraduate scholarships. 

As part of this collaboration, UNF will hire a new full-time, tenure track professor in engineering to perform manufacturing research and development in a lab outfitted with Johnson & Johnson MedTech-sponsored research activities and equipment. 

“We are very grateful to our partners at Johnson & Johnson MedTech for their support of our advanced manufacturing program,” said Dr. Paul Eason, UNF VP of strategy and innovation. “J&J is a leader in manufacturing in the biomedical sector, giving our students exposure to cutting edge technology and a distinct advantage in the job market.”  

The company will also continue its internship program for UNF students and the Johnson & Johnson 3-D Printing Center of Excellence at UNF, an integral component of the University’s Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Innovation Initiative (AAMI) which also supports the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering degree program. The lab provides educational and research opportunities for students who are preparing for careers in various engineering disciplines as well as faculty researchers in engineering, chemistry, biology and physics. The partnership is integral to the University’s program and efforts to advance the field of advanced manufacturing, an area of focus in the university strategic plan, and a key industry for the region as defined by JAX Chamber and JAXUSA. 

“The collaboration with UNF has facilitated not only engineering advancements in 3D printing technology, but fostered countless educational opportunities in advanced manufacturing,” said Peyton Hopson, Johnson & Johnson Fellow and 3D Printing Lead. “Working alongside UNF in these fields and adapting to an everchanging technology landscape should improve the region’s overall workforce.”