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UNF graduate student prepares for a career as a family advocate

UNF graduate student Kiante (Kyaa) McClennon smiling with her hands behind her back Kiante "Kyaa" McClennon says her life's passion is in helping people find the support they need and to help equip them with the right tools to find success. That's one of the reasons this Chicago native is studying for her master's in social work. In addition to her studies, she serves as president of the UNF Social Work Club (S.W.C.) Members Board.
Read on to learn more about this UNF student.
What is your major and why did you choose it?
My current field of study is a Master of Social Work (MSW) program. I selected social work as my major because of my aspiration to become a family advocate. My passion lies in helping individuals locate the support they need, aiding them in achieving success and equipping them with essential life skills that I have gained throughout my journey. Another reason I opted for social work is the remarkable diversity it offers as a field.
What brought you to UNF?
I've deeply valued the networking opportunities generously offered by Career Services. These experiences have emboldened me to voice my career aspirations more confidently. UNF, with its multitude of on-campus opportunities, truly fosters an environment ripe with possibilities for its students.
What have you enjoyed most about the University?
I have greatly appreciated the networking opportunities that Career Services has provided me. These opportunities have empowered me to become more vocal about my future career aspirations. The University of North Florida offers a myriad of opportunities for its students on campus, making it an environment filled with possibilities.
Do you have a favorite place on campus? If so, what makes that place special to you?
The library holds a special place in my heart on campus. I have a strong affection for it because it was where I began my journey as a student employee with the university.
How did you become involved with the Social Work Club and what has the experience been like for you thus far?
I discovered through Instagram that the Social Work Club was looking for new officers. Initially, I applied for the position of secretary. To my surprise, the club's advisor, Dr. Yolanda Machado, reached out to me via email and extended an offer for me to assume the role of president. I eagerly accepted the opportunity. My involvement with the Social Work Club has been an enriching, dynamic and transformative experience. It has provided me with numerous chances to connect with campus partners and participate in significant events, such as the Legislative Education and Advocacy Day (LEAD) conference.
What’s the greatest bit of advice you’ve ever been given?
Choose yourself every day even when it feels hard.
Who or what inspires you?
My nephews serve as a profound source of inspiration, instilling in me hope, motivation and a profound sense of joy.
What is a fun fact about you many people may not know?
I like to go ax throwing in my spare time.