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UNF professor brings light to forgotten 18th-century composer Chevalier

Michael Vincent HeadshotDr. Michael Vincent, a visiting assistant professor of musicology at the University of North Florida, has recently published an open-access article centered around the film "Chevalier," which depicts the life of Joseph Bologne Chevalier de Saint-Georges, an 18th-century Parisian composer of African descent that was almost forgotten to history.

Despite having to battle the intense racism of his time, Bologne was highly regarded and popular while alive. His music was an integral part of the diverse music scene of 18th-century Paris, and he was well-known for composing beautiful and popular operas, orchestral and instrumental music.

Unfortunately, after his passing, his music was gradually forgotten and almost lost to history, until the release of the new film in early 2023.

Vincent's article highlights the importance of the film's portrayal of Bologne's life and music. He designed the article to reach a broad audience, both academic and non-academic, in the hopes of sharing the historical significance of music from the 18th century and its relevance to modern issues.

Vincent's research is focused on the Age of Enlightenment and bringing awareness to the importance of lesser-known composers and their contributions to the cultural landscape of their time. In an upcoming book chapter, he will explore Italian composer Luigi Boccherini's life and music, revealing how he was sidelined in music history due to his living and working in Spain.

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