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UNF and OceanX partner on endangered shark study

Two sharks swimming aroundThe University of North Florida and ocean exploration nonprofit OceanX have partnered on a study of the recently endangered Oceanic Whitetip Shark, just published in the journal Endangered Species Research that describes the probable time and location of their mating patterns in the eastern Bahamas.

UNF biologists joined other researchers on the OceanX research vessel MV Aucia in 2019 to conduct the study using a variety of approaches including underwater observations on mating behaviors in males and females, along with measurements of male testosterone levels conducted at UNF.

Based on their observations, it is hypothesized that mating could occur in the eastern Bahamas as early as May, but is probably concentrated in midsummer (i.e. July), and that Columbus Point, Cat Island, may be a mating habitat for the Oceanic Whitetip Shark.

Read the full study.