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UNF students give historical live character performances at Mayo Clinic

Mayo Heritage DayThe University of North Florida's Department of English has partnered with Mayo Clinic Florida to bring a unique live experience of the arts and humanities to staff, patients and visitors at the Mayo Clinic Heritage Classic events.

English instructor Maureen McCluskey cast, organized and costumed a multi-disciplinary group of students to attend and perform at two recent events to celebrate Mayo’s over 200 years of history. With help from the Florida Historical Unit, the students studied the stories of doctors, nurses and other important characters in Mayo’s history then acted in full costume as those historical figures.

“The student actors were fantastic because they not only dressed in vintage garb, but each student actor researched their Mayo persona and engaged in full character with our staff and visitors,” said Carole LaRochelle, Archivist, Mayo Clinic Archives - Florida.

The students performed at the Heritage Days traveling table display in the Mayo Building Atrium and at the Heritage Classic 5K run/walk, raising proceeds for the Mayo Clinic Hope Fund, which helps patients and their families cover indirect, unanticipated costs such as food, lodging, and transportation while receiving care at any Mayo location.

The UNF cast for the Heritage Day event on October 5 included:

  • William James Mayo "Dr. Will" – played by Craig Pedroza
  • Charles Horace Mayo "Dr. Charlie" – played by Nathan Turoff
  • Sister of St. Francis (St. Claire) – played by Jamie Getman
  • Maude Mellish Wilson – played by Maureen McCluskey
  • William Worrall Mayo – played by Jack Beard
  • Sister Alfred – played by Allison Crecelius
  • Mayo – played by Piper Leistman

The UNF cast for the Heritage Classic Historical 5K on November 4 included:

  • William Worrall Mayo – played by Andrew Baroutjian
  • Alice Magaw – played by Anissa Wilkinson
  • Charlie Mayo – played by Nathan Turoff
  • Mayo – played by Jamie Getman
  • Mother Alfred – played by Jennah Bryant
  • Maude Mellish Wilson – played by Maureen McCluskey
  • Sister of St Francis – played by Kaleigh Ervin

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