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UNF and Vystar host NestForAWhile Programming Competition

NestForAWhile Programming CompetitionThe University of North Florida School of Computing, Vystar Credit Union, and the Osprey Competitive Programmers club (OCP) hosted the NestForAWhile Team Programming Competition 2022, an in-person coding contest.

The competition was modeled after global programming contests such as the ICPC and the IEEEXtreme and provided an opportunity for students to showcase their coding and problem-solving capabilities.

The 41 teams consisted of 96 UNF students who worked on solving eight programming problems with varying difficulty levels and associated points.

The top three teams include:

  • First Place: Ahmad Osmani, Dylan Strickley, and Furio Gerwitz solved all eight problems within the allocated timeframe, winning $1,000.
  • Second Place: Jacob Sutton and Nolan Boner solved seven out of eight of the problems, winning $500.
  • Third Place: Andrew Baroutjian, Troy Bossard, and Troy Kidd solved seven out of eight problems, winning $250.

The winning teams will visit VyStar’s headquarters to receive their awards, meet with VyStar executives, and tour VyStar’s premises.

The problem sets for the competition were prepared by Mr. Richard Lentz, Mr. Larry Snedden, Dr. Kevin Pfeil, Dr. Iman Vakilinia, Dr. Asai Asaithambi, and Dr. Anirban Ghosh. Dr. Karthik Umapathy managed the registration and DomJudge competition system. Mr. Alex Perez managed the implementation and configuration of the DomJudge system. Dr. Sherif Elfayoumy secured sponsorship for the event.