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New sculptures installed at UNF Seaside Sculpture Park

The University of North Florida's sculpture program recently installed five new pieces of student-created art at the UNF Seaside Sculpture Park at Jacksonville Beach.

"Seabreeze"Sculpture student: Kayla Jean Smith

Sculpture title: "Seabreeze" is a turquoise piece with fan shapes

Medium: Steel




"Queen Freak"Student artist: Hanna Hadzic

Sculpture title: “Queen Freak” is a colorful hand

Medium: Steel, Fiberglass, Flexirock




"Changing Tides"Student artist: Caelen Proctor

Sculpture title: “Changing Tides” is a lion fish

Medium: Steel, Epoxy




"ConspiraSEA"Student artist: Shelby Richart

Sculpture title: “ConspiraSEA” is a turquoise piece that will have fish added soon

Medium: Steel, Vinyl




"La Carreta Bruja"

Student artist: Silvia Agreda-Kostin

Sculpture title: "La Carreta Bruja" displays various flags

Medium: Steel, Marine Rope, Vinyl