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UNF Preschool goes ‘wild’ for dolphin research and canine therapy lessons

Children investigate dolphin skullThe UNF Preschool recently teamed up with the Dolphin Research Program and the Campus Canines Program to teach the preschoolers during their lesson unit on animals.

The Preschool recently adopted and named a dolphin to help support the Dolphin Research Program. Brittney Goodrum, a graduate student research assistant, visited the preschoolers and taught the kids about their adopted marine mammal they named “Delphine.” The students were excited to learn about our local river dolphins, investigate a dolphin skull, make dolphin sounds, and move their feet like dolphin tails.


Child pets therapy dog The Campus Canines, led by Dr. Carlene Taylor, also stopped by for a visit to teach the children the difference between pets and animal therapy dogs. The children talked about processing emotions and feelings while they enjoyed playing with the therapy dogs. Several pets also visited including Ms. Melissa's chicken, three island canary birds and Ms. Tasha's dog Rollo.

The Preschool partners with on-campus programs so the youngest Ospreys can benefit from the rich academic experiences on campus.