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IERE launches joint faculty project to advance environmental studies

The University of North Florida's Institute of Environmental Research and Education (IERE) has awarded a joint faculty cohort to work to advance UNF’s environmental studies program. The faculty chosen for the project are recognized for their expertise in environmental studies/science as well as their leadership and administrative experience at UNF.

The 2022-23 IERE joint faculty are:

  • Dr. Amber Barnes, Assistant Professor of Public Health  
  • Dr. Raphael Crowley, Associate Professor of Coastal Engineering
  • Dr. Josh Gellers, Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration
  • Dr. Heather Truelove, Professor of Psychology 

The faculty will work as a team with Dr. Erin Largo-Wight, Professor and Director of IERE, to develop an initial plan for UNF’s first interdisciplinary environmental studies/science degree and work together on a research growth project to foster interdisciplinary environmental research collaborations.