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Former youth camper finds career at UNF

Ryan Schneader has been a part of the UNF community since he was a kid. He first stepped onto the campus over a decade ago at the age of 11 to attend the summer Youth Sports & Fitness Camp.
Ryan Schneader sitting in the gymHis UNF journey has since progressed from those early days as a camper to being a devoted participant and contributor to the youth camp program — eventually becoming a volunteer and camp counselor as a teen. He then enrolled as a student at UNF. While pursuing his degree, in 2019, he became a group supervisor for the 11 to 12-year-olds before being promoted to assistant director in the summer of 2022 and helping to manage the day-to-day operations in addition to his club sports position. Earlier this year, he became the new club sports and facilities coordinator.
Schneader will tell you that he has enjoyed his UNF adventure every step of the way. He fondly remembers his days as a camper referencing the friendships he developed with fellow campers and staff, and citing playing dodgeball in the Arena and kickball in the courtyard outside of the Field House, as some of his best memories. It was these experiences and connections that prompted him to stay involved in the camp as he grew older.
“The camp was so much fun,” said Schneader. “I wanted to stay in the camp environment and make an impact on other kids.”
Born and raised in Jacksonville, his time in the camp program and his familiarity with the campus heavily influenced his decision to enroll at UNF. “I always wanted to attend UNF from the beginning of high school due to my experience with the University,” he said. Having a mother and father who are both UNF graduates also strengthened his connection to the University.
During his time as a student, he continued to work as a camp counselor while also working as a student employee at the Student Wellness Complex and Field House. He graduated in May 2021 with a bachelor’s in sports management and he’s planning to pursue a master’s degree in spring 2023.
In May of this year, he assumed the club sports and facilities coordinator position as part of the Competitive Sports program. In this position, he acts as the liaison between the University and club sports officers helping to schedule practice and game times while also managing the Field House student staff.
When he’s not on campus, Schneader says he enjoys cheering on the Jaguars and spending time with his wife Linda, who’s also an alumnus of UNF. The expecting pair wed in February of this year with his friend from youth camp Jeffrey Maisonet, a current UNF student and member of the cheerleading team, serving as a groomsman. 
Schneader, like many in the Osprey community, cherishes the fond memories of his time on campus and the people who make this place special. For him, UNF has undeniably had a major impact on his life.
“UNF has literally seen me grow from an 11-year-old child to the man I am today, and it will forever be a part of me,” said Schneader. “I would not be who I am today without UNF."