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Coggin College kicking off new series of executive programs

The University of North Florida’s Coggin Executive Programs offers the Executive Briefcase program to give senior executives and executive team members personal professional development, team building and networking opportunities.

The topics can be taken individually or collectively, and the program can be fully customized for the unique business needs of individual companies. Participants gain a unique competitive edge by building a versatile toolkit of technical and interpersonal skills. The four-topic series focuses on empowering business leaders to convey data in an insightful and impactful manner, giving and receiving feedback from a team, exerting executive influence and persuasion, and communicating their vision with gravitas.  

As a senior technology executive participant said, “The past few days were informative and a great opportunity to reset from the daily grind. I’ve been in executive roles for 15 years and it was not only a great refresher, but I learned some lessons that would have saved me some grief if I had taken this class sooner.

The Coggin Executive Programs serves organizations by delivering insightful learning experiences that integrate academic excellence with real-time exposure and insight into the Jacksonville business community.  

For more information and to apply, visit the Executive Briefcase website or email