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UNF welcomes new dean of the College of Arts & Sciences Dr. Kaveri Subrahmanyam

Kaveri SubrahmanyamDr. Kaveri Subrahmanyam officially began as dean of the College of Arts & Sciences (COAS) on July 25 after being appointed to the position earlier this year. Subrahmanyam previously worked at California State University in Los Angeles as associate dean of the College of Natural and Social Sciences.

As featured in UNF’s Inside, Dr. Subrahmanyam shared some insight about herself.

Why UNF?
I was drawn to UNF because of its focus on student success — it is something that I have been passionate about in my prior work as a teacher, scholar and administrator. I am also a huge believer in the value of public universities and have seen firsthand how institutions such as UNF transform people’s lives and contribute to economic growth in the regions where they are located. The outstanding faculty and staff of UNF are key to making all this possible here in Northeast Florida. Supporting them and ensuring that students succeed is a dream come true for me. The beautiful campus, awesome weather and lovely people were all a big bonus.

What will your new role involve?
First and foremost, I will be leading COAS’s efforts toward advancing the University’s teaching, scholarship and service missions. I will also be responsible for the academic, budgetary and administrative affairs of the College. An important part of my role will be to create a positive and supportive environment so that the students, faculty and staff served by the College can thrive. I will also be interacting with parents, alumni, donors and community members; a key part of my work with these stakeholders will be to communicate the distinctiveness of COAS, celebrate student and faculty successes and seek partnerships to advance innovation and opportunity.

Considering the College of Arts and Sciences is the largest academic college at UNF, what are some goals you’d like to accomplish within your first year?
Given the complexity and disciplinary diversity of COAS, one early priority will be finding out as much as I can about the college. This first semester will be a time for listening and asking questions. I want to learn as much as I can about the people, programs, and resources in COAS as well as the strengths, challenges and opportunities. So, I am going to be reaching out and meeting with folks in the College as well as in the University and surrounding community. Student success is also very important to me — I want to find out what we can do better to help students at key touch points so they can connect the dots and graduate in a timely manner with a job and/or a path towards a fulfilling career. A third goal is to make the College an engaging and welcoming community.

What is the best advice you've ever received?
The best advice I have received is to talk less and listen more, and to truly hear what the other person is trying to say. The next best advice is to lead by example — whether you are a parent, friend, or leader, you must model the behavior that you expect from others.

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