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Book signing with UNF political science professor Nick Seabrook

University of North Florida political science and public administration chair and professor, has published a new book, “One Person, One Vote – A surprising history of Gerrymandering in America.” He will host a book signing from 6 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 22, at The BookMark in Neptune Beach.

Seabrook, an authority on constitutional and election law, begins before the nation’s founding, with the rigging of American elections for partisan and political gain and the election meddling of George Burrington, the colonial governor of North Carolina, in retaliation against his critics. Seabrook then writes of Patrick Henry, who used redistricting to settle an old score with political foe and fellow founding-father James Madison (almost preventing the Bill of Rights from happening); and Elbridge Gerry, the Massachusetts governor from whose name “gerrymander” derives.
One Person, One Vote explores the rise of the most partisan gerry­manders in American history, put in place after the 2010 census, and how the battle has shifted to the states via REDMAP—a successful strategy to control state governments and rig the results of state legislative and congressional elections over the past decade.