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New UNF Executive Briefcase program offers competitive executive training skills

The University of North Florida’s Coggin Graduate and Executive Programs (CGEP) has launched a new Executive Briefcase program to help senior executives and executive team members gain a unique competitive edge by building a versatile toolkit of technical and interpersonal skills.  

The four-topic series focuses on empowering business leaders and managers to convey data in an insightful and impactful manner, give and receive feedback from their team, exert executive influence and persuasion and communicate their vision with gravitas. The topics can be taken individually or collectively.

Key benefits of the program include:

  • Cultivate personal versatility skills
  • Build contextual intelligence
  • Gain competency in qualitative and quantitative areas
  • Engage with industry peers and build professional network
  • Earn digital credentials from Credly
  • Qualify for the CGEP Partnership Program

CGEP’s executive education programs serve organizations by delivering insightful learning experiences that integrate academic excellence with real-time exposure and insight into the Jacksonville business community. Executive programs for organizations are customized, research-driven solutions that help deploy, complement and supplement existing executive leadership training programs within an organization. Participants engage with the University’s renowned faculty and have access to cutting-edge research and proven models to advance leadership skills.

For more information about the Executive Briefcase program and to apply, email