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UNF students making an impact at the United Nations

Globe sculpture outside building 51The University of North Florida international affairs graduate program and Hicks Honors College are making an impact at the United Nations (UN).
UNF Master of Arts in International Affairs student Dina Lara is currently participating in the UN Global Diplomacy Initiative, a virtual training course for people who hope to work for the UN system and/or as diplomats. The course was designed with the help of UNF MAIA program alumna Ally Ottis, who now works for the UN Institute for Training and Research. The course even utilizes a section on the UN Environment Program’s Global Environmental Outlook (GEO-6), which cites the research of UNF MAIA director and associate professor Dr. Josh Gellers.
Also, the Hicks Honors College is in the second year of sustainable development work as part of the UN Academic Impact initiative that aligns institutions of higher education in supporting and contributing to the realization of UN goals and mandates, including the promotion and protection of human rights, access to education, sustainability and conflict resolution. All Hicks Honors students in the first-year experience program learn about and work on a project focused on practicing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. When students complete their first year, they are given multiple opportunities to participate in collaborative problem-solving programs to make tangible contributions to fulfilling ethical and sustainable goals for the community.