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Florida SUS launches MyFloridaFuture postsecondary educational options tool

The Florida State University System of Florida recently launched MyFloridaFuture, a new interactive tool designed to assist students and families in making better-informed decisions about postsecondary educational options within Florida’s State University System.  

MyFloridaFuture allows users to explore data both at the System-level and by individual institution that provides useful information about the employment, salaries and debt of graduates from Florida’s 12 public universities.

House Bill 1261, passed by the 2021 Florida Legislature and signed by Governor DeSantis, directed the Board of Governors of the State University System to develop a free, online college and career planning tool that provides students, parents, and policymakers with a wealth of State University System of Florida graduate outcome information. 

Students and their families can explore each tab to learn more about options regarding:

  • Earnings over time – what is the earning potential for each academic program at 1, 5, and 10 years after graduation?
  • Compare earnings – what are some examples of low, median, and high wages across multiple programs?
  • Beyond the bachelor’s – what is the additional earning potential if I continue my education beyond a bachelor’s degree?
  • Earnings by major group – what salary ranges are expected for different major groups? Can I compare simultaneously and how do they compare?
  • Typical loan amounts – what is the proportion of students in the State University System who graduate with student loan debt? And what is the average loan amount of a specific academic program?
  • Loans over time – what are the projected monthly student loan debt payments as a proportion of potential monthly earnings over a ten-year period?

“MyFloridaFuture is going to bring awareness to students for intentional planning for the future,” said Nastassia Janvier, FSU Student Body President and Board of Governors FSA Chair.  “Students will have the opportunity to engage with it whenever they want and can use it as a resource to research different career fields.  I know this will only contribute to student success for all 12 public universities.”