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LGBTQ Center honors Transgender Day of Remembrance and Resilience

Students in the LGBTQ Center placing hand drawn and designed paper butterflies on a rainbowIn honor of Transgender Awareness Week, the UNF LGBTQ Center and JASMYN, the local LGBTQ youth services organization, partnered on several events leading up to Transgender Day of Remembrance and Resilience (TDOR). Among events, the LGBTQ Center hosted an art project where the UNF community was invited to decorate and write words of encouragement and love for the transgender/gender-nonconforming community on paper butterflies. The butterflies are on display at the LGBTQ Center in the Delaney Student Union, Building 58E.

Transgender Day of Remembrance and Resilience is a day to mourn the loss of the lives taken due to violence and hatred against the transgender and gender nonconforming communities. It also serves as a reminder to allies and advocates to uplift trans voices, advocate for the rights of individuals, and to remember the resiliency of the community.