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Executive Search and Compensation Firms selected for UNF Presidential Search

As the search process for the next president of the University of North Florida continues, the recommendations from the presidential search committee of an executive search firm and executive compensation consultant were approved at today’s UNF Board of Trustees meeting.

The firm WittKieffer has been selected as the executive search firm. WittKieffer has one of the best market reputations in the higher education search industry and has cultivated a proven and meaningful approach to executive search throughout its 50-year history. Over the past five years, they have conducted over 100 presidential searches for higher education institutions. The success of their efforts can be measured in the longevity of their placements as the average tenure of presidents they have placed is nine years.

McKnight Associates, Inc. has been selected as the executive compensation consultant. McKnight Associates brings years of experience working with the nation’s educational institutions on a variety of consulting engagements. McKnight’s goal is to assist clients with the development of long-term human resource allocation plans that meet both the financial and productivity objectives of the institution.

More information and updates can be found on the Presidential Search Website.