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Athletics Reaches New Heights With 904 Weekend Fundraiser

The numbers are in and North Florida Athletics is proud to announce that its second 904 Weekend fundraising initiative was a success, generating more total donors and dollars earned than the highly successful 2020 campaign.

All told, the efforts of the North Florida Athletics development office helped raise more than $25,000 from 235 individual donors. These funds will go directly to support and further enhance the resources available to student-athletes within the department's strength and conditioning space.

"Thank you to all the Ospreys who contributed to 904 weekend," director of athletics Nick Morrow said. "We received donations from our former and current student-athletes, donors, sponsors, friends and family all in support of our 300 student-athletes."

The theme of this year's 904 Weekend was to improve North Florida's strength and conditioning resources by enabling the department to buy new dumbbells, benches and Keiser Functional Trainer machines.

Almost one-third of all individual gifts were over $90.40, with gifts including a $500 matching gift from Tony and Jessica Polster as well as $1 per donor matching gift from AD Nick Morrow.

During the 2020 campaign, UNF's first such 904 Day, the Ospreys raised over $16,000 from 220 donors in an effort to improve resources within the Student-Athlete Center for Excellence.

More Information
UNF Strength & Conditioning's Mission
The mission for the strength and conditioning program at the University of North Florida is in agreement with the athletics department to provide a high level, broad based-program of intercollegiate athletics for student-athletes who demonstrate academic and athletic excellence.

The department aims to enhance athletic potential, while decreasing risk of injury. UNF prepares our student-athletes in all disciplines of sport consisting of strength, power, agility, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and mobility.

Why Your Support Is Important
Our current space is 3,500 sq. ft. and serves all 19 varsity athletics programs. Currently, all of our major pieces of equipment were purchased in 2008 and we look forward to enhancing the space in our facility and specifically focusing on new, branded dumbbells and Keiser Functional Trainers.

New dumbbells and Keiser Functional Trainers will improve safety and functionality for our student-athletes. Improvements will lead to increased efficiency and utilization of the facility space.

What They're Saying
"Due to the generosity of 235 donors, we are now able to move forward with the purchase of two complete sets of UNF-branded dumbbells and three Keiser Functional Trainers," Morrow said. "904 Weekend was a record-setting event that has a direct impact on the UNF Athletics program. Thank you, and Go Ospreys!" - Athletic Director Nick Morrow

"Thank you ALL for continuing to support the University of North Florida Athletics programs. Your contribution to the Strength and Conditioning department will have an immediate impact on all current and future Ospreys. With your support, our upgraded dumbbells will bring a great new look to our facility with two sets of each weight to be able to accommodate multiple athletes at the same time.  Keiser is an air pressured pulley system giving us six usable stations that can be used for any pushing and pulling exercises as well as explosive and rotational power.  The smooth pneumatic resistance will reduce shock loading to connective tissues and joints. Keiser is at the cutting edge of strength training equipment and we look to implement more pieces in the future. Once again we thank ALL of you for your continued support" -- Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Brian Bert