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Ogier Gardens hosts fun, educational workshops for fall

Outside view of the Ogier Gardens on a sunny day

The UNF Ogier Gardens have announced their full array of workshops for the fall 2021 semester. These hands-on, educational workshops help participants learn more about organic gardening, beekeeping, herbal teas, eating healthy with a low environmental footprint and much more. The workshops are open to students, faculty, staff, alumni and the Osprey community. 

The fall 2021 workshops are as follows:

Intro to Organic Gardening

Home gardening can improve your health, save you money, and increase your food security. Learn the basics to starting your own garden with Kevin Anderson, Ogier Gardens coordinator.

Compost 101
Come learn how to set up and maintain your own composting system to recycle your kitchen scraps and yard waste. Fight climate change and learn how to make black gold with Anastasia Utley, compost steward.

Herbal Tea with Madi
Learn about how to dry and make your own fresh herbal teas from Madi Walker, health educator and Ogier Gardens’ staff member.

Soil Biology Matters!
Learn about the critical importance of soil biology and how to improve it from local expert Allen Skinner, owner of Soil Life Organics. Healthy soil is the key to food security and nutrition for all as well as a key way to sequester carbon and fight climate change.

Honeybees and Beekeeping
Bees are critical for our food supply, yet more than 25% of the managed honeybee population has disappeared since 1990. Learn about beekeeping in North Florida from local expert Greg Harris

Eat for the Planet
Learn how to eat healthy with the lowest environmental footprint, examining food choices and focusing on the web of people and processes vital to sustainable food production.

Good Bug or Bad Bug?
Learn about beneficial insects and pests in the garden.

The Frederick and Ophelia Tate Ogier Gardens is the epicenter of innovative environmental and public health programming. Located on an acre, the organic gardens feature row crops, a wide variety of fruit trees, raised vegetable beds and peaceful sitting areas.