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UNF THRIVE program director discusses peer mentoring programs

Tara RoweDr. Tara Rowe, associate director of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) and director of THRIVE, was recently featured in an interview for the July 2021 issue of Disability Compliance for Higher Education to discuss the peer mentoring programs offered to students registered with SAS at UNF. 

In the interview, Rowe emphasizes the importance of mentor training that is tailored to the needs of the student and the challenges they face at their specific institution when developing peer mentor programs. She also explains why virtual peer mentoring has been critical during the pandemic, and how peer mentoring programs transitioned to online as an ongoing effort to support students using the UNF performance metrics, specifically with retention and academic rate of progress (APR).

The interview also features a section where Rowe provides “words of wisdom” for other institutions creating peer mentoring programs for students with disabilities. The three pieces of advice she shared are as follows:

  • Mentor training is key to a successful program
  • Tailor the training specifically to the institution and students being served
  • Create mentoring programs where needs are observed


Rowe has worked with UNF since 2009. She completed her educational leadership doctorate at the University and collaborates with other institutions on supporting students with disabilities. She also serves as an adjunct instructor, teaching courses for the College of Education and Human Services where she centers her research on self-determination for all students. Rowe is passionate about supporting students with different abilities using campus resources to promote student success.

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