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Get to Know: Jay Coleman, Vice President of Data Analytics

coleman sitting in front of a laptopJay Coleman, vice president of data analytics, is a cabinet member of UNF President Szymanski’s Executive Cabinet.

Get to Know Jay:

As vice president of data analytics, Jay leads UNF’s efforts to use data and advanced analytics to better inform decision-making across the University. The offices of Institutional Research and Assessment report to him, as well as the University’s data scientist. UNF’s researchers are constantly involved in collecting, analyzing and reporting data and various analytics findings to the State University System’s Board of Governors, as well the UNF Board of Trustees, and other key personnel. The researchers also report data as required or requested to state and federal agencies, media outlets such as U.S. News, the Florida legislature, governor and others. Additionally, Jay’s team is heavily involved in governing and managing the data that the University stores and shares.

Jay has been with UNF for 32 years, previously serving as chair of the Department of Management, Marketing and Logistics and as associate dean of the Coggin College of Business before being appointed as vice president of data analytics.

Favorite spot(s) on campus: Standing in front of a classroom of students. Seriously.

Most unique aspects of UNF: The same that brought me here originally – a school with a balanced mission that highlights undergraduate and professional graduate education, which values research but allows wide latitude in inquiry, and provides a more intimate learning environment than found at very large institutions. And it certainly helps that it’s in such a beautiful climate and place too. The combination of all those things is very hard to beat.

Proudest accomplishments at UNF: As a faculty member, it was receiving the University’s faculty awards for teaching, research and service, reflecting all three primary elements of a faculty member’s job. As an administrator, it’s seeing the impact of our analytics work on the enormous growth in the size, quality, diversity, and success of our freshman classes over the last six years, along with its substantial contributions to the economic viability of the institution.

Hobbies and interests outside of UNF: Following college football, particularly Clemson (my alma mater and original hometown). And weightlifting, to try to fend off old age!

2-3 adjectives that describe you: I’ll use one: committed. I’ve been married 34 years, been at UNF 32 years, been a member of the same church for 31 years, etc. I’ve had wonderful examples to follow, such as my parents and my wife’s parents who have each been married over 60 years.


Favorite advice or quotes: “Never hold anyone to a higher standard than you hold yourself.” “Don’t spend your health chasing wealth, only to spend your wealth chasing health.”

“You’re being interviewed every day.”