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Own a piece of UNF art history at the public sculpture auction

Ripple Effect by Caelen Proctor, 2019, steel and fiberglassThe University of North Florida sculpture program will auction off seven student-created sculptures that were recently deinstalled to make room for new art additions at UNF’s Seaside Sculpture Park in Jacksonville Beach.

The virtual auction will open at on Monday, May 17 and run through Thursday, June 17. Minimum bids begin at $1,200 each. The available sculptures listed by name, artist, year created, and materials used are as follows:

  • "Sunrise Portal" by Stephen Magyar, 2019, steel
  • "Hide 'N’ Seek" by Emily Lagrule, 2019, steel and fiberglass
  • “Ripple Effect” by Caelen Proctor, 2019, steel and fiberglass
  • “Nautilus” by Jenn Peek, 2019, wood and aluminum
  • “Active Pyramids” by Silvana Smith, 2019, steel
  • “Strombus Alatus” by Jen Broadbent, 2017, steel
  • “Crouching Skeletal Figure” by Matt Stanford, 2017, fiberglass and wood


The revenue from the sale will support the UNF sculpture program. Sculpture faculty Jenny Hager, professor, and Lance Vickery, assistant professor, hope to utilize the funds to create a maker space that will combine technology with art on campus.

The program recently received a donated CNC router and purchased a CNC plasma cutter. They hope to add additional Art + Tech tools such as 3D scanners, 3D printers, laser cutters/engravers, industrial sewing machines, vinyl cutters, and a new computer-numerically controlled torch that would allow students to add a drawing to the software and a machine would then cut the image from metal.

At the previous auction, five of seven pieces sold, some to private residences and others for future sculpture parks.

Visit the auction website.