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Eligible adults needed for UNF’s nutrition and dietetics “Happy Gut” study

An assortment of fermented foods like cabbage, red onions and more.UNF’s Department of Nutrition and Dietetics is conducting a “Happy Gut” research study about fermented vegetables and markers of inflammation and cardiovascular disease in healthy adults between the ages of 35 and 64 years.

Led by nutrition and dietetics faculty Dr. Andrea Arikawa, associate professor, and Melissa Baron, instructor, the study will randomly place eligible participants in one of two groups: a usual diet group who will follow their regular diet for eight weeks and receive fermented vegetables at the end of the study; and a fermented vegetable group who will receive a half cup of a variety of fermented vegetables each day for eight weeks.

"Recruiting enough participants for these types of studies is very difficult, but it is so important that people volunteer," said Arikawa. "These studies are the only way nutritionists can determine if certain foods can help with prevention and/or treatment of common health problems faced by our community, such as cardiovascular disease."

Participants will be asked to fill out surveys about food intake, physical activity, medical history and provide blood and stool samples twice for analysis of inflammation and gut bacteria. The study offers up to $120 for participation in this eight-week trial.

Interested individuals can find out if they are eligible to participate in the study by completing the screening questionnaire at