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UNF honors Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April

The University of North Florida joins communities across the nation throughout the month of April in observance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month by raising visibility of sexual violence through educational programs, highlighting survivor stories and encouraging communities to explore strategies to end violence.

UNF’s Victim Advocacy Program, University Police Department, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, and the State Attorney's Office will host a discussion on their roles in assisting sexual violence survivors in a virtual panel on “Victim Advocate Talks & Topics:  Sexual Violence and the Criminal Justice System” at 3 p.m. Monday, April 12 via Zoom. UNF’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Inclusion will also host a three-part EOI open discussion series on reporting procedures for students, faculty and staff this month.

Sexual assault includes rape, attempted rape, unwanted touching, sexual harassment and any act of a sexual nature without a person’s consent. The FBI Bureau of Justice in 2014 reported that women 18-24 are at greater risk of sexual violence. Although this violence can happen to anyone, at anytime, most offenses are perpetrated by someone known to the victim. If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence, help is available by contacting the UNF Victim Advocacy Program’s 24-hour Crisis Helpline at (904) 620-1010.

Other UNF resources include:

We all play a role in helping to end sexual violence by supporting survivors, safely intervening, and learning more about prevention and safety. Additional UNF Sexual Assault Awareness Month programs can be found on the Department of Diversity Initiatives website.