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UNF MedNexus Scholarships awarded to Brooks College of Health nursing students

nursing students in a fake hospital settingUNF President Szymanski and UNF MedNexus, in collaboration with the Brooks College of Health and Dean Lox, announce that UNF MedNexus Scholarships have been awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students in the Brooks College of Health and School of Nursing. Scholarships were awarded based on students’ current high academic credentials and achievements.

Scholarships have been given to 85 undergraduate students and 41 graduate students, with plans to continue to award these inaugural scholarships through the end of the current term. A UNF MedNexus Undergraduate Scholarship recipient can receive up to $5,000 and a UNF MedNexus Graduate Scholarship recipient can receive up to $4,000.

The UNF MedNexus Scholarship program will expand next year, with plans to award scholarships up to as many as 200 undergraduate and 190 graduate and Honors Direct graduate students.

“The Brooks College of Health and School of Nursing are excited to honor our students with the inaugural UNF MedNexus Scholarships as they prepare to join the collection of talented UNF graduates who are contributing to the healthcare needs of the region,” said Dr. Curt Lox, dean of the Brooks College of Health.

UNF MedNexus will provide students with the healthcare education and experience needed to enter the workforce and is designed to educate and develop high-quality, trained nurses and healthcare professionals to help fill the area’s healthcare talent pipeline. More information can be found at