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UNF Women’s Center presents Susan B. Anthony Award to Dr. Carolyne Ali-Khan

Dr. Carolyne Ali-Khan, University of North Florida Dr. Carolyne Ali-Khan smiling and standing in front of a colorful backgroundDepartment of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum associate professor, was selected as the recipient of the 2021 Susan B. Anthony Award.

The UNF Women’s Center’s presents the prestigious Susan B. Anthony Award annually during the Women’s History Month Celebration to a member of the University community who has made significant contributions to diminishing sexism and enhancing gender equity at UNF.

Ali-Khan’s research focuses on critical pedagogy, autoethnography, and looking at issues of representation. She brings an international, immigrant and marginalized perspective into her teaching. Her research and projects are devoted to questions of social justice at UNF and internationally.

"It is important that we recognize and support black queer and trans women at UNF and, more broadly, that we work to understand how intersectionality operates within the category of women, some of us are more vulnerable than others,” said Ali-Khan during her acceptance speech at the Women's History Month Celebration. “This is a time of urgent additional burdens for women who are more likely to be caregivers devoting time to those who are at high risk for illness, while working and homeschooling as we work towards equity. We must ask how we are supporting them and how we can do better."

Ali-Khan has previously been honored for her service to the UNF community with the STARS (Scholars Transforming Academic Research) award for highest impact research in the College of Education and Human Services (2019), the Presidential Diversity and Inclusion Award (2018), the LGBTQ Center Ally Award (2018), and the Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award (2015).

She is currently continuing collaboration with Dr. John White, UNF assistant chair of teaching, learning and curriculum, in research that examines the silencing of sex, sexuality and the body in K-12 classrooms and teacher education.

Prior to joining the faculty at UNF, Ali-Khan taught in inner city New York City high schools for two decades, founded and ran several after-school activities such as an activist theatre club and in-school programs such as conflict mediation and HIV/AIDS peer education.

She holds a doctorate in urban education from the City University of New York, an education master’s from the University of Bath, England, and an undergraduate degree in anthropology from the American University in Cairo, Egypt.

At the Women’s History Month event, the Women's Center also provided two $1,000 scholarships to students working toward gender equity. This year’s winners are Madison Brantley, first year clinical mental health graduate student, and Clio Chazan-Gabbard, first year undergraduate sociology major and leadership studies minor.

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