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UNF to Implement New Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence

The University of North Florida has completed a new UNF Fine Arts Center at sunsetStrategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence that will further integrate high-quality diversity initiatives and infuse diversity into recruiting, admissions, hiring and administrative practices throughout the University.

UNF’s Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence has five goals, 53 strategies and 171 action items to be implemented over a five-year time frame and will serve as a new road map for the University to follow as it pursues its vision for inclusive excellence. The plan shifts the responsibility for creating a diverse and inclusive campus to the entire university community as opposed to a few individual departments.

The plan’s five goals include:

  • Improve recruitment of students and employees from underrepresented communities to better align with that of the Northeast Florida community.
  • Create an inclusive university climate to support the retention and success of all students and employees.
  • Provide, and encourage participation in, innovative and transformative learning experiences enabling all students and employees to advance inclusive excellence.
  • Communicate to stakeholders the University of North Florida’s accomplishments, initiatives, and innovations as the University advances inclusive excellence.
  • Lead Northeast Florida in diversity education by establishing and sustaining relationships with businesses and organizations who will partner with the University of North Florida in championing inclusive excellence.

The plan details strategies and action items for each goal and measurements for each action item to track success. Each goal is also tailored to fit the individual needs of students, faculty and staff.

“I am happy to announce one cohesive plan that will help guide the University to achieve our inclusive vision of working together as a unified and cooperative community,” said Whitney Meyer, UNF Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer. “This plan adds an important accountability piece that will show our progress in diversity relations as well as areas that we need to improve.”

Faculty, students and staff from all colleges and divisions comprised the 25-member Commission on Diversity and Inclusion that drafted the plan. Learn more at