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UNF religious studies podcast discusses political theory

The University of North Florida Religious StudiesXavier Flory podcast ‘How to Ruin Dinner: Conversations in Religious Studies’ has a new episode that focuses on political theory and the recent presidential election.

Host Dr. Mary McGovern Treyz, UNF religious studies instructor, discuss topics such as the United States Supreme Court selections, America’s democracy, authoritarianism, religion and the abdication of responsibility, the limits of originalist interpretations, and the responsibilities of citizenship.

Dr. Treyz speaks with podcast guest Xavier Flory, a double doctoral candidate in political theory at Columbia and Sciences Po Paris, who is completing his dissertation on American oligarchy. Flory is also a singer who spent many years traveling the world with the Vienna Boys’ Choir as a soloist and is currently training as an operatic tenor. He has written for The New York Times and CounterPunch.

The podcast theme is inspired by the old saying to “never to talk about sex, money, politics, or religion at the dinner table” and discusses thought-provoking, difficult and often uncomfortable topics.