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UNF top rated for free-expression learning environment/policies

The University of North Florida has received aUNF Entrance Sign “green light” rating from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) that affirms the University’s commitment to upholding the Florida Statement on Free Expression and providing a learning environment that is open and conducive to free expression.


UNF is only one of three Florida universities to receive the “green light” rating, consistently carrying the ranking from 2017 through 2020. The state of Florida has overall FIRE ratings that are above the national average.


In April 2019, the presidents of all 12 state universities in Florida joined State University System Chancellor Marshall Criser in issuing a statement affirming their commitment to “full and open discourse and the robust exchange of ideas and perspectives on our respective campuses.” The Florida Statement on Free Expression affirms that one of the main purposes of higher education is “to provide a learning environment where divergent ideas, opinions and philosophies, new and old, can be rigorously debated and critically evaluated.”


In the recent FIRE report, the FIRE ratings are assessments of official university policies related to free expression. Schools receive a “green light” rating if their policies are free of significant problems; a “yellow light” rating if their policies present some significant problems; and a “red light” rating if their policies present very serious problems.


For more information, visit the FIRE website to view the full ranking list.