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UNF professor studying natural disaster evacuation guidelines

Dr. Jonghoon Kim, University of North Florida assistant UNF Logoprofessor in construction management, has received a $16,000 research fund from the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT) to help study the guidelines of evacuation routes and shelters based on various U.S. natural disasters.


The title of the research is ‘Preliminary Research Study for Guidelines of Evacuation Routes and Shelters based on Various Disaster Types: Case Studies in the U.S.’ The research will attempt to understand the various natural disasters in the United States and find out how to manage the emergency to focus on the tornados, hurricanes and floods and consider the design factors for the shelters and evacuation routes as a case study.


The three objectives of the research study include:

  • Find the previous studies related to natural disasters, which include wildfires, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, and flood in the U.S.
  • Find the design consideration of evacuation routes and shelters based on the natural disasters.
  • Summarize the guidelines and technologies for the shelters and evacuations.


Dr. Kim has also had papers published in the Global Journal of Research in Engineering, Applied Sciences and Remote Sens.