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UNF alumna’s company Gravity Diagnostics processing University’s COVID-19 samples

Three UNF students helping conduct on-campus COVID-19 testingRegistered nurse Julie Brazil has always worked to give back to her community and she is now serving UNF, her alma mater, during the coronavirus pandemic. She serves as COO of Gravity Diagnostics, a lab company that is currently processing over 20,000 COVID-19 samples per day, including those from UNF’s on-campus testing facilities.

Amidst the pandemic, Gravity Diagnostics was chosen to be UPS Healthcare’s featured partner. This partnership helps maintain Gravity Diagnostics’ 48-hour turnaround time for testing with 98% of samples being reported out within 24 hours of receiving the sample. Watch this video to hear UPS Healthcare explain this partnership and get a behind the scenes look of a Gravity Diagnostics testing facility.

Brazil holds dual bachelor’s degrees in sociology and nursing from UNF. From the beginning of her career, Brazil developed a passion for ensuring all patients received education and awareness for improved quality of life. This led her to start her own consulting firm, initially working on delivering unique health care information to the public via the web. She then shifted to lab services at Gravity Diagnostics where she felt she could make a stronger impact on patient lives, prevention and outcomes.


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