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UNF faculty panel to discuss ‘Innovative Approaches to Teaching During COVID’

Innovative Solutions for Teaching During COVID Faculty Panel event - featuring headshots and titles of all speakers. More info belowUNF’s Center for Instruction and Research Technology will host a panel for UNF faculty on “Innovative Approaches to Teaching During COVID” at 10:30 a.m. Friday, Dec. 4.

During the past year, UNF faculty have done extraordinary work in responding to COVID and innovating to provide meaningful and engaging learning experiences for students. This faculty panel will highlight six of these stories and showcase a variety of approaches. The intent of the session is to spark conversation and further innovation. After each panelist shares their story, there will be time for Q&A and for participants to share their own experiences.

Faculty will highlight unique ways they engaged students during remote instruction including:

  • Dr. Sheila Goloborotko, printmaking assistant professor, taught students how to bring art into their homes, specifically their kitchens, by using everyday kitchen materials and cooking analogies in her courses.
  • Nutrition and dietetics faculty members Dr. Jennifer Ross, assistant professor, and Dr. Lauri Wright, associate professor, created a virtual escape room assignment based on the Nutrition Care Process in their courses.
  • Dr. Ryan Shamet, civil engineering assistant professor, created short, fun instructional videos for his courses.
  • Drew Thoeni, marketing and logistics instructor, utilized structural gamification by using Badgr to award badges to students who complete each of the ‘badged’ assignments.
  • Russ Turney, English associate instructor, integrated current circumstances and social climate issues into instruction for his courses and is purposeful in communicating expectations about attendance and class activities to keep students engaged.
  • Dr. Bess Wilson, teaching, learning and curriculum associate professor, connected with her students by inserting the ethic of care and humor throughout her courses.