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Celebrating the International Week of the Deaf

The International Week of the Deaf traditionally occurs Logo featuring two blue hands creating a circle with the text reading - International Week of the Deafeach year during the last full week of September. The event was first celebrated in Rome, Italy in 1958, and continues to bring Deaf people together around the world to support one another in achieving equity and access through accessible communication. The theme of the 2020 International Week of the Deaf is “Reaffirming Deaf People’s Human Rights.” More information may be found on the website of the World Federation of the Deaf.

The Department of Exceptional, Deaf and Interpreter Education (EDIE) in the College of Education and Human Services will celebrate with a week of special videos on the UNF EDIE Facebook page that feature demonstrations of basic American Sign Language including how to say helpful phrases like “hello” and “my name is.” The department will share a host of information around the International Week of the Deaf themes that highlight many of the majors, minors, and foreign language classes that are offered in relation to American Sign Language. For more information about the programs of study available, please reach out to Dr. Pam Williamson at

UNF has the only ASL/English Interpreter Education program in Florida that is accredited program by the Collegiate Interpreter Education (CCIE). Additionally, the University offers a master’s degree for ASL/English Interpreting with two concentrations: General Practitioner and Interpreting Pedagogy. UNF is also the only public university that offers a major and minor in Deaf Education. More information about the programs in the Exceptional, Deaf and Interpreter Education Program that utilize American Sign Language can be found on the department webpage.