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‘UNF Swoop the Chairs’ competition announced with local nonprofit Deck The Chairs

Lifeguard beach chair decorated in Christmas lightsUniversity of North Florida Housing and Residence Life has partnered with local arts nonprofit Deck The Chairs to host a “UNF Swoop the Chairs” competition. The holiday event will engage more than 200 University students in a creative competition that will challenge students in the Living Learning Communities program to share their unique stories through decorated 9-foot tall lifeguard chairs.  

“UNF Swoop the Chairs” will challenge 15 student communities, including the Healthy Ospreys, Pre-Med and American Sign Language groups, to showcase what makes their communities unique to the University. The process will be facilitated by the Deck The Chairs artistic team and UNF housing staff, and will require students to first complete a 12-inch tiny chair replica that will be voted on. The four winning chairs will be built in full scale for campus display.

“UNF Swoop the Chairs will not only engage University students in teamwork, brainstorming, and creative problem-solving, but also promote a sense of community and place-making,” said Amy Lorenz, UNF associate director of Housing and Residence Life.

UNF Living Learning Communities on campus are intentionally designed opportunities to enhance education by expanding the classroom to include the student’s residence hall and the greater Jacksonville community. Living and learning surrounded by a group of peers with the same goals and interests promotes an overall heightened on-campus experience. This unique campus opportunity has been widely successful in building community pride and connecting students. 

“This friendly competition will also help to develop a sense of pride throughout the Living Learning Communities,” said Kurtis Loftus, Founder of Deck The Chairs. “Creating and displaying art in public space is an experience few people get to share and we’re excited to provide this experience to the UNF students.”