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UNF shows student retention success

UNF logo on a blue backgroundThe entire Osprey community is committed to supporting student success. UNF offers a welcoming campus environment known for high levels of student service outside the classroom and provides many opportunities for students to engage with campus activities, organizations and resources.

One such resource is the Student Academic Success Services (SASS) that is dedicated to helping students succeed in challenging programs of study by developing supportive programming in partnership with faculty members and administrators. Some of the services offered include supplemental instruction, peer tutoring, academic coaching, persistence advocacy, resource directory and many others.

These and other efforts in performance and student success areas have allowed the University to gain four points on retention, a key performance metric as outlined by the State University of Florida.

First-year retention with a 2.0+ GPA rose to an all-time UNF high of 80.7% this past year, a 2.1 percentage point improvement over the previous year, and a 6.1-point improvement versus four years ago. This improvement gained the University 4 improvement points on that metric in this year’s SUS calculations.

In the 2020-21 numbers released by the SUS Board of Governors, UNF rose from 78 performance-based points last year to 83 points in new initiatives targeted towards improving metric performance. More information on UNF’s performance-based funding metrics can be found at