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UNF professor emphasizes the importance of innovation to a national audience

“Don’t Defend Stupid,” an article written by Len Ferman, adjunct professor of Len Ferman head shot on a white backgroundmanagement, was recently featured in the SiriusXM radio show “The Michael Smerconish Program.” Using the popular brands Coca Cola and Blockbuster as real-world examples, Ferman explains the critical need for innovation and creativity when consumer brands are faced with difficult situations or failures.

“People and companies that adopt a culture of innovation constantly experiment and learn from failures,” said Ferman. “They’re not afraid to be wrong. They recognize that it’s more important to understand the opinions of people around them and their customers than to personally have all the correct answers.”

To read Ferman’s full article, visit the website.

Because of his expertise in the field of innovation, Len founded Ferman Innovation in 2013 to help companies develop and leverage insights about customers to generate breakthrough ideas for new product and services. Ferman has also taught the "Creativity and Innovation” course at the University of North Florida to both undergraduate and graduate students for more than five years. The course provides students with an overview of the innovation process and ways to develop creative solutions to problems.