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UNF joins Optimum Healthcare IT to launch first apprenticeship program for electronic medical records

The University of North Florida has announced a partnership with Optimum Healthcare IT to provide a revolutionary new pathway to good healthcare IT jobs for graduating students.

It is a crucial time to develop new frictionless pathways to robust jobs in growing sectors of the economy. One key area is healthcare technology, particularly in the electronic health records (EHR) systems that have become so central to patient care. According to Burning Glass, there are over 40,000 open jobs relating to implementing, configuring, activating and integrating EHRs. Until now, there has not been a college or university that has hosted training on specific EHR platforms.

Optimum Healthcare IT is launching America’s first EHR apprenticeship program hosted by UNF at the University’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in downtown Jacksonville.

Both new and recent graduates can apply for the apprenticeship program. Accepted applicants will be hired by Optimum and paid as apprentices from the start of the 12-week training program. After completing training, apprentices will join Optimum project teams serving healthcare systems across the U.S. Ultimately, Optimum expects hospital clients to hire the apprentices.

UNF President David Szymanski said this new partnership is just one of many examples of UNF’s commitment to helping graduates get quality jobs. “With the appointment of UNF’s first Vice President of Jobs, our University has a dedicated position in creating strong job opportunities for our students, and we are excited to be hosting America’s first apprenticeship program for electronic health records,” said President Szymanski. “Thousands of current and future UNF graduates will benefit from this streamlined pathway to obtain great first jobs in the growing healthcare IT sector.”

Optimum Executive Chairman Gene Scheurer said he is excited to partner with UNF to provide a solution for hospitals in desperate need of trained EHR talent. “Without the trained EHR talent they need, healthcare organizations are struggling to reap the fruits of the digital revolution in healthcare in terms of improving patient outcomes and reducing costs,” said Scheurer. “Optimum is investing in high potential graduates, providing them the exact skills our clients are seeking, and a pathway to great careers in healthcare technology.”