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UNF First Lady and Preschool share online storytime/learning activities

First lady reading to preschoolers

To help provide fun and engaging activities for preschoolers to enjoy while at home, UNF First Lady Maria Szymanski is offering virtual storytime sessions for parents to share with their children. As an avid supporter of the UNF Preschool and a frequent guest reader at the Preschool and around Jacksonville, the First Lady has moved her reading sessions online. View her stories along with related lessons and activities for children to do at home.

In addition to the First Lady’s storytime videos, UNF preschool teachers are also sending activities to parents via email to continue learning outside the classroom, conducting live Zoom sessions to teach lessons and stay in touch with students, and posting daily videos on Facebook featuring fun activities for the public to enjoy. To access the UNF Preschool’s free online videos and resources, visit their Facebook page

Preschoolers on Zoom with their teachers