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Materials Science and Engineering
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Program Faculty

Name Position & Department Research Areas
Dr. Juan Aceros Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering Micro-electromechanical systems, assistive and adaptive technologies
Dr. Grant Bevill​ Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering​ Biomechanics​
Dr. Stuart Chalk​ Professor, Chemistry​ Chemical informatics, materials informatics, and data science
Dr. Paula Mariel Coelho Assistant Professor, Physics Surface science, scanning tunneling microscopy, and 2D materials
Dr. Paul Eason​ VP of Strategy and Innovation & Director, MSERF & Professor, Mechanical Engineering Metallurgy, electron microscopy
Dr. Lev Gasparov​ Presidential Professor, Physics & Associate Dean, COAS  Optical properties of materials, Raman spectroscopy
Dr. Jason Haraldsen​ Associate Professor, Physics​ Theoretical /computational materials physics​
Dr. M. Laura Habegger​ Assistant Professor, Biology​ Functional morphology, biomechanics​
Dr. Osama Jadaan​ Professor, Mechanical Engineering Probabilistic design, ceramic engineering, fracture mechanics, and finite element analysis​
Dr. Brynna Jones​ Assistant Professor, Chemistry​ Optical spectroscopy, interactions of microplastics with environmental systems​
Dr. Chris Kelso Associate Professor, Physics Particle detection with a focus on neutrinos and dark matter
Dr. Bryan Knuckley​ Professor & Chair, Chemistry​ Polymers and diagnostic sensors
Dr. Kenneth Laali​ Presidential Professor Emeritus, Chemistry Organic, organometallic, medicinal, and materials chemistry
Dr. Amy Lane​ Professor, Chemistry​ Natural products/secondary metabolites
Dr. Michael Lufaso​ Associate Professor, Chemistry​ Solid state synthesis, x-ray diffraction, and structure-property relationships
Dr. Joshua Melko​ Associate Professor, Chemistry​ Characterizing energetics and reactivity of transition metal molecules
Dr. Thomas J. Mullen​ Associate Professor, Chemistry​ Molecular self- and directed-assembly on metal and semiconductor surfaces
Dr. Thomas Pekarek​ Presidential Professor, Physics​ Magnetically-doped semiconductors
Dr. Daniel Santavicca​ Professor, Physics & Coordinator, MS MSE Program​ Nanoscale electronics and optoelectronics, superconducting devices
Dr. Alexandra Schonning Professor, Mechanical Engineering Finite element analysis, biomechanics, computer-aided engineering, diversity & inclusion
Dr. Jutima Simsiriwong​ Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering​ Fatigue and fracture analysis of additively-manufactured materials
Dr. Stephen Stagon​ Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering​ Surfaces, coatings, and interface engineering
Dr. Eirin Sullivan Assistant Professor, Chemistry Synthesis, structural and physical characterization of functional solid state materials via x-ray and neutron powder diffraction
Dr. Candice Tahimic Assistant Professor, Biology Microgravity and space radiation and their effects on organ systems; bioinformatics; microarchitectural analysis of calcified biomaterial
Dr. Maitri Warusawithana​ Associate Professor, Physics​ Molecular beam epitaxy, complex oxides, quantum materials
Dr. Benjamin Williams Assistant Professor, Chemistry Catalysis, energy storage, metal-organic frameworks, and nanomaterials
Dr. Brian Wingender​ Faculty Administrator, MSERF Biomineralization, biomemetics/biomaterials, and correlative microscopy
Dr. Gregory Wurtz Professor & Chair, Physics Nano-optics, nonlinear optics, ultrafast optics, and plasmonics​