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Materials Science and Engineering
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Program Faculty

Name Position & Department Research Areas
Dr. Juan Aceros Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering Micro-electromechanical systems, assistive and adaptive technologies
Dr. Grant Bevill​ Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering​ Biomechanics​
Dr. Stuart Chalk​ Professor, Chemistry​ and Biochemistry Chemical informatics, materials informatics, and data science
Dr. Paula Mariel Coelho Assistant Professor, Physics Surface science, scanning tunneling microscopy, and 2D materials
Dr. Florentino De la Cruz Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Environmental chemistry and forest biomaterials
Dr. Paul Eason​ VP of Strategy and Innovation & Director, MSERF & Professor, Mechanical Engineering Metallurgy, electron microscopy
Dr. Lev Gasparov​ Presidential Professor, Physics & Associate Dean, COAS  Optical properties of materials, Raman spectroscopy
Dr. Jason Haraldsen​ Associate Professor, Physics​ Theoretical /computational materials physics​
Dr. M. Laura Habegger​ Assistant Professor, Biology​ Functional morphology, biomechanics​
Dr. Osama Jadaan​ Professor, Mechanical Engineering Probabilistic design, ceramic engineering, fracture mechanics, and finite element analysis​
Dr. Brynna Jones​ Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry​ Optical spectroscopy, interactions of microplastics with environmental systems​
Dr. Chris Kelso Associate Professor, Physics Particle detection with a focus on neutrinos and dark matter
Dr. Bryan Knuckley​ Professor & Chair, Chemistry​ and Biochemistry Polymers and diagnostic sensors
Dr. Kenneth Laali​ Presidential Professor Emeritus, Chemistry and Biochemistry Organic, organometallic, medicinal, and materials chemistry
Dr. Amy Lane​ Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry​ Natural products/secondary metabolites
Dr. Michael Lufaso​ Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry​ Solid state synthesis, x-ray diffraction, and structure-property relationships
Dr. Joshua Melko​ Associate Professor, Chemistry​ and Biochemistry Characterizing energetics and reactivity of transition metal molecules
Dr. Thomas J. Mullen​ Associate Professor, Chemistry​ and Biochemistry Molecular self- and directed-assembly on metal and semiconductor surfaces
Dr. Christopher Oshman Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Thermo-fluids science, micro/nano engineering, advanced manufacturing, de-carbonization
Dr. Thomas Pekarek​ Presidential Professor, Physics​ Magnetically-doped semiconductors
Dr. Daniel Santavicca​ Professor, Physics & Coordinator, MS MSE Program​ Nanoscale electronics and optoelectronics, superconducting devices
Dr. Alexandra Schonning Professor, Mechanical Engineering Finite element analysis, biomechanics, computer-aided engineering, diversity & inclusion
Dr. Jutima Simsiriwong​ Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering​ Fatigue and fracture analysis of additively-manufactured materials
Dr. Stephen Stagon​ Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering​ Surfaces, coatings, and interface engineering
Dr. Eirin Sullivan Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry Synthesis, structural and physical characterization of functional solid state materials via x-ray and neutron powder diffraction
Dr. Candice Tahimic Assistant Professor, Biology Microgravity and space radiation and their effects on organ systems; bioinformatics; microarchitectural analysis of calcified biomaterial
Dr. Maitri Warusawithana​ Associate Professor, Physics​ Molecular beam epitaxy, complex oxides, quantum materials
Dr. Benjamin Williams Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry Catalysis, energy storage, metal-organic frameworks, and nanomaterials
Dr. Brian Wingender​ Faculty Administrator, MSERF Biomineralization, biomemetics/biomaterials, and correlative microscopy
Dr. Gregory Wurtz Professor & Chair, Physics Nano-optics, nonlinear optics, ultrafast optics, and plasmonics​