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Materials Science and Engineering
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MS Students

Current Students

Name Research Group(s)
Zane Cable Kelso
Molly Dobrow Habegger
Reed Harper Wingender
Patrick Keeney Coelho & Haraldsen
Lucas Mougeot Aceros & Stagon
Jennifer Ruliffson Stagon
Michael Shearer Tahimic
Jade Welsh Simsiriwong
Evan Wilson Haraldsen



2023 Graduates

Name Thesis Title
Alexandria Alcantara Investigations into the electronic and magnetic properties of (CrPS4)n layers
Nathan Bairen Exploring Mottness and electronic order in strongly correlated vanadate thin films
Emilie LaVoie-Ingram Towards a prototype paleo-detector for supernova neutrino and dark matter detection
Andrew Miceli Modified reactive sputter deposition of titanium nitride thin films via HIPIMS with kick-pulse and improvement of the structure-zone model
Jamie Timmons Development of high kinetic inductance superconducting nanowire devices on high permittivity strontium titanate substrates